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Magnificent Moles of Mede Meadow

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From the producers of Luminous Journey comes a delightful children's book that explores the alliterative magic of the letter M. 

Nine short stories invite you to join the adventures of Mozie, Meander, Morven, Myrilla, Malene, Molfred, and Merinda and see how these magnificent moles manage to maneuver through their creative challenges!

These seven mole siblings each have a challenge to face.  Mozie has an identity issue; Meander has a mishap in the city; Morven cares about science when no one else does; Myrilla seeks other musical moles with whom to bond; Malene wonders why no one appreciates her montages; Molfred auditions for the Mole Mummers Theatre; Merinda meets a mole she wants to marry. 

Throughout it all, children will enjoy the massive amounts of alliteration, learn subtle life lessons, and be introduced to many M words with meaningful definitions at the bottom of most pages.  Though it was written by a Baha'i and includes positive themes, it is not a Baha'i book, nor does it mention the Faith, so you can give it to anyone, including schools. 

80 full-color pages in an 8.5x8.5" square format. It can ship first class, media mail or small flat-rate envelope.

By Anne Gordon Perry. Illustrated by Sandra Velasquez