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Longing for Love


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An Unconventional Relationship Guide

How to Recognize and Nurture Healthy Relationships When Your Heart Keeps Leading You Astray

From the Introduction:

The problem with most relationship guides is that they assume that we are rational people and then give us rational advice as to how to attract another rational person. 

But we aren’t rational. If we were, life would be much easier, but our behavior doesn’t often proceed from our logical minds—no matter how much we may want to believe that it does.

This is book three in the series Love, Lust and the Longing for God.  In the first book of this series, The Secret of Emotions, I explain that emotions are sensations that tell us about the attributes of God, or virtues, that we experience in our environment, and that love, in particular, is an attraction to these virtues.

An understanding of these two ideas, especially the second, is critical to any attempt to find true love and have healthy relationships.  

The goal of this third book is to expand our ability to recognize and become attracted to virtues so that we fall in love with people who are ready to have healthy, nurturing relationships.  We will take a look at what these ideas look like when applied to finding and building healthy relationships in the real world.

How does our understanding of the relationship between emotions and virtues help us find healthy people to be friends with?

How does understanding the difference between love and lust change the way we enter into sexual relationships?

How do we tell the difference between the sensation of love and all of the other sensations that are generated by relationships?

How do we maintain healthy relationships once we commit to them?

How do we avoid temptations that can destroy the relationship we have?

These are the questions that we will be exploring in this third book.  If you are unsure of the answers, then this book is a good place to start.

This series can be used by therapists and treatment centers to build a foundation for a wide range of recovery programs.

This is by Justice Saint Rain, the author of My Baha'i Faith, Why Me? and Falling Into Grace, and is written in the same easy-to-read conversational style that has made him a favorite in the Baha'i Community.  This is his third work addressed directly to a general audience that is not about the Faith.  If you have liked his previous works, you will love this one, and will want to share it with friends. Once you read it, don't forget to write reviews here and on Amazon and GoodReads.com to encourage others to explore its healing message.

This book is the third of three in the Love, Lust and the Longing for God trilogy. Look for excerpts on our FaceBook page of the same name.  Other books in the series include:

The Secret of Emotions and 4 Tools of Emotional Healing.

Love, Lust and the Longing for God  which includes all three plus additional information and resources.

Note: This is not a picture book, but we have been illustrating excerpts for the FaceBook page, and have included some of these in the images here.  Enjoy!