Long Rainbow Scarf
  • Long Rainbow Scarf

Long Rainbow Kimono Silk Scarf


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This is our biggest and brightest silk scarf — at six-feet long and a full eighteen-inches wide.  The eight-hundred rainbow-colored stars form a brilliantly bold pattern that says “Here I am: happy, radiant and ready to take on the world!”

This rainbow scarf glows with every color of the rainbow — which means that it can go with just about any outfit you own.

Its extra width makes it perfect for tying in a wide range of styles – over the head, around the neck, around the waist, over the shoulders, squeezed tight or shaken out wide.  The soft 100% silk Kimono fabric (called Habotai) is brighter than the chiffon and the viscose, but not as slippery as the satin.  

The hand-rolled hems say that this is a high-quality scarf from one rainbow’s end to the other. Its light weight makes it easy to send anywhere in the world.  We will even drop-ship orders to multiple friends for you!