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Long Blue 9-Pointed Star Kimono Silk Scarf


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You don't have to be a Baha'i to fall in love with these beautiful 9-pointed star 100% Kimono silk scarves designed by Baha'i pioneer and artist extraordinaire Joe Paczkowski from Finland.  The new Kimono Silk is slightly heavier than the chiffon we used before, which makes the colors even brighter, but the soft finish is not slippery like satin.

The scarf is six-feet long and ten inches wide, so the design is actually about three times what the preview image shows.  This makes it long enough for dozens of different scarf knots, including soft, flattering belts.  Click on the picture and then scroll to see some of the many ways it can be worn.

Silk scarves are becoming hard to find, and can cost hundreds of dollars.  You will love the feel of this translucent chiffon against your skin, and the multi-colored design picks up the primary colors of almost any outfit you own.  I call this the "Long Blue" scarf, but if you look closely you will find every color of the rainbow, including earth tones.

Their light weight and durability makes these great gifts for mailing around the world.  Everyone everywhere appreciates the combination of beauty and quality that pure silk manifests.  And you won't find a nine-pointed star scarf anywhere else.