Jesus and Early Christianity in the Gospels

Jesus and Early Christianity in the Gospels

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The Bible has fascinated generations of people, both the religious and those who are merely curious. Here is an invitation to participate in a dialog on the person of Jesus Christ, whatever the religion or faith to which you may belong. 

Intended as a study guide to the gospels to be used in conjunction with a study of the actual text, Jesus and Early Christianity in the Gospels attempts to recover the world in which the gospels were written and the world in which their traditions were transmitted before they came into the hands of the evangelists. 

Daniel J Grolin considers the major themes of Christianity:
Mighty Works
The Lord's Last Supper
The Crucifixion
The Resurrection 

as well as the life of Jesus and asks the questions of each tradition: Where did it come from? How was it understood? Has the meaning changed? How has it changed? How was the tradition, as we find it in the gospels, used later by Christians?