International Orders

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS PLEASE READ: We have a $25.00 minimum for international orders. Shipping is complicated, which is why WE DO NOT CHARGE YOUR CARD when you place your order. If there is a shipping option that is cheaper, (usually for very small, light items) we will often, but not always, e-mail you with your choice.  This may delay your order, so please watch your e-mail for messages.  If you want to know the shipping charges before approving the order PLEASE PUT A NOTE IN THE COMMENTS FIELD asking us to confirm shipping before processing the order. If your order is over 20 pounds (9kg), you will get an error message. In that case, please place multiple small orders and we will combine them before shipping and e-mail you with the cost. Note: we have no control over, nor can we predict what your country will charge in customs or taxes.  Please check the exchange rate before ordering so that you aren't surprised. Prices are in U.S. Dollars, which are very strong right now.

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST ORDERS or delays. We have no control over international shipping. Things get lost and packages get delayed. If something takes longer than you expected, we can send you the tracking number, but once the tracking system says it has left the country, we may not be able to track it further, and cannot take responsibility for it. Some countries allow insurance. Some don't. If you request insurance (and it is available), it will increase the cost of shipping.  We also reserve the right to not accept orders from countries with a history of lost or damaged packages. 

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