Meditations on the Life to Come

Interfaith Resources Meditations on the Life to Come Gift Edition


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Gift Edition

This collection of reassuring quotations helps people face the next stage in life's eternal journey. It includes over 200 short quotations from ten major religions plus words of wisdom from poets and philosophers throughout the ages and around the world.

Give this to anyone who is approaching the end of their earthly life, as well as any friends and relatives who are struggling to accept the coming loss. This new gift edition is formatted exactly like the gift edition of our Book of Comfort and Healing.  It has square binding instead of the staples of our give-away edition, with wider margins, more white-space and decorative borders at the top and bottom of each page. 

Chapters include:

You Are Made of More than Dust  — 1

Your Soul Reflects the Divine  — 3

Your Soul is Eternal  — 7

Your Soul Is Going Home  — 13

The Journey Home Is One We All Must Take  — 16

Preparing for the Journey  — 18

A Glimpse of Your Home Beyond  — 23

Prayers for the Departed  — 29

Comfort for the Friends Left Behind  

It Is OK to Grieve  — 35

Tests Serve a Purpose  — 37

Death Is a Gift  — 39

God Will Comfort Us  — 41

We Will Meet Again  — 43

Poems of Comfort  — 45

Prayers for Those Who Grieve  — 52

Baha'is will want to offer a stack to every hospital, doctor's office, health clinic, nursing home, hospice, mental health center, and funeral home in your area. Anyone who reads it will be comforted, and will also be impressed by the beauty and power of the many Bahá'í quotations included.  

Interfaith Resources is a division of Special Ideas. This booklet was compiled by Justice St Rain and reflects the high-quality and attention to detail that you've come to expect from Special Ideas.

This booklet coordinates well with our Book of Comfort and Healing and the sympathy card/booklet Always - Assurances that Our Loved Ones Are with Us Always.

It is 96 pages long and 5x8".  Easy-to-read 14-point type almost qualifies as "Large Print" so it is easy for older people to read. Inside text is black with borders at the top and bottom. Cover art is by Joe Paczkowski.