Interfaith Awareness Bracelet

Interfaith Healing Prayer Awareness Bracelet


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"Thy love is my healing remedy O Lord my God!" Using phrases that are common to many religions, this brief prayer will be a source of comfort for anyone facing difficult health issues. Worn around the wrist, you don’t need a pocket, or even to be conscious for it to stay with you at all times, and the large type can be read even when you are in a daze. It will not interfere with medical procedures or MRI’s; its neutral color will not be confused with any hospital coding, and the silicone is non-toxic and non-reactive.

Even people who are not sick can wear these in support of their loved ones. Unlike the color-coded disease-specific bracelets, these address all types of illnesses, including emotional and spiritual. Buy them in bulk as gifts to hospitals, nurses, doctors, chaplains, physical therapists, etc.