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  • Do you still have those t-shirt discounts?
    • We do still have t-shirt discounts, but we can't seem to make the on-line ordering system show them. Your order isn't processed when you type it in, but only after we pick up the order and transfer it to our own computer. At that time, the following discounts are applied. If you need to know your actual total put on your card after discounts, email us or put a note in the comment field. Generally, we will email you and tell you this anyway. 1-5 shirts: full price, which is $15 for adults, $13 for youth. 6-11 shirts: 15% discount. 12-47 shirts: 25% discount. 48 or more shirts: 35% discount - which makes adult shirts $9.75 and youth shirts $8.45.
  • Do you still have that book discount?
    • The book discount is designed to allow local groups to cover the cost of their shipping and perhaps let you make a little profit when you purchase from us. The deal is that when you purchase six or more of any books that cost more than $8, you get 15% off all the books. Sadly, this won't appear when you order on-line and we will apple this discount as we process your order.
  • What about special pricing for special groups and events?
    • All the items we produce have quantify pricing options. That way if you need a lot of something for your group or event, you will get the discount. There is no other special LSA discount. Now if you need a lot more than the largest quantify break, please write or give us a call and we'll let you know the best we can do.

Order Information

  • I want more information before placing an order.
    • Call or email us because we really want to be helpful. Remember if you have a question, other probably do as well and we will answer your question and then clarify information online.
  • My book or t-shirt discount isn't reflected in my cart.
    • Yeah, Sorry about that. Discounts will be applied, and your card run when we process your order.
  • What happens when I place my order.
    • Nothing happens right away. Sometimes we are even sleeping. During working days, we will pick up the new orders ever hour or so and process them manually. At that time, we will note any problems or changes and email you and then run your card. Because we handle every order individually, feel free to email any changes or additions if you think of any after hitting that send button.
  • But I don't want to pay by credit card, or maybe I want to phone it in.
    • You can place an order by simply telling us you will send a check. Then you can actually send the check, or call with a credit card number.

      If you want to send a check, the order will be shipped out to you after we receive the check. Because of this delay, many groups will use the credit card of one member to speed things up and get reimbursed by the local treasurer. 

  • I want my stuff now and will pay you next month.
    • We really aren't set up to do this. I'm so sorry. If you are a university, hospital or other organization that can only purchase through the use of a po number, please contact us first to smooth the way.
  • Do you have a minimum order?
    • Sadly, we do indeed. Our minimum order is $11.95 plus shipping. INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Our minimum international order is $25.00. We will e-mail you with shipping options - including 1st class - after we confirm weight and size. Please check your e-mail. We do not do rush international orders and cannot guarantee delivery by a specific date.

Shipping Information

  • Wait a minute, the shipping seems way to high!
    • It just might be. Honestly, we try to charge only our costs. Sometimes the shipping estimate is just wrong. This is an on-going problem for customers who live outside the US. If you feel the shipping is too high, you can put a note in the comment field not to process your order, but instead to email you will all possible shipping options.
  • Why was my shipping choice changed?
    • Sometimes we change the shipping option to save you money. For example, you might think you need a medium flat rate box, but we can fit the items into a smaller box. We also have to follow the law. Media mail used to be called book rate and can only be used with, you know, media items. If you choose that option but also order other items, we might have to use another method or use two packages. You have our word that we don't try to make a profit on shipping and that we will treat you in the way we would want to be treated.
  • When will my package be shipped?
    • We want you to be happy so if you have a date when you items must arrive, please let us know that. Most orders do go out the day, or next business day after we get the order. Sometimes orders outside the US take a couple extra days because we just hate to fill out custom forms and then to put this off. Orders that require a t-shirt to be printed can also take an extra day. Keep in mind that we work with a lot of little suppliers. If we are out of an item but think we will have it in just a couple days, we will probably hold the order so everything will go together. If you have a required date, please let us know so that this won't happen to you.
  • What if I am in a big hurry?
    • Let us know. We will do everything possible to help. If you have a required date, put it in a comment with the order. Call us and we will process the order immediately. Generally all out packages go out about 2 to 3 pm EST each time, so try to order in time for it to get out. If you have a large special order, especially for a lot of t-shirts, give us a heads up so we'll be ready to swing into action for you. Don't choose media mail if you are in a hurry. It is cheap but can take up to 10 business days to arrive.
  • What about backorders?
    • We try really, really hard to avoid them. If there is one, we ship as soon as we can at our expense.
  • Can I get a tracking number?
    • If you call or email, we'll give you a tracking number, but this isn't an easy thing for us. Our town is so small, we call the post office 'Margaret'. Each day we drop off packages and the list of what is being being shipped that day. Margaret puts a tracking sticker on each package and the matching sticker on the appropriate name in our shipping book. When she or we get busy, the tracking numbers get a couple days behind so we can't always give you that number immediately.