In Search of Healing
  • In Search of Healing

In Search of Healing


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The popularity of our healing prayer teaching cards and medallions lets me know that this is an issue of concern for almost everyone. Even young, healthy people come down with a cold now and then, and the older we get, the more serious our health challenges. On any given day, someone you meet will be facing health problems, and eventually, every person you know will have need of this short compilation.


In addition to three short prayers for healing, this beautiful booklet reminds people of the value of laughter, friendship, and medical professionals, but its main focus is to encourage people to turn to God as the Source of all healing. It also gently addresses the value of suffering and the fact that physical sickness does not affect the soul. 

This Gift Card Booklet uses a unique 14-panel fold-around format that provides room for lots of quotations on a full-color background while remaining very inexpensive. It packs a lot of comfort in a form that is easy to carry and share.

Concept and layout by Matthew Levine.  Edited by Justice St Rain.