I'm a Bahai, Ask Me Why T-shirt
  • I'm a Bahai, Ask Me Why T-shirt
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I'm a Bahai, Ask Me Why T-shirt

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Now you can teach while standing in line at the post office, bank or grocery! Shy Seekers can simply read the information on the back of the shirt without even being noticed. Shy Bahais can respond to questions by turning around and pointing at their back. The principles will usually inspire more specific comments or questions that are easier to answer than most broad, introductory questions. The Ask me Why on the front lets people know that it is OK to ask questions.

This is among my best selling shirts. I recommend buying my 9-reasons pamphlets and Mini-Prayer Cards along with it, so you will be prepared for the response you get!

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I was in a salon waiting for a chair, another customer asked me to turn around so she could see the back of the "ASK ME WHY" t-shirt. She had seen me in the shirt 9 months before at a concert, and had been wanting more info ever since. She's now attending our firesides and wants to take Ruhi 1. - Randall Dighton

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