Illumine My Heart Awareness Bracelet
  • Illumine My Heart Awareness Bracelet
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Illumine My Heart Awareness Bracelet


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Children don't really "get" the political significance of awareness bracelets, but they DO understand how cool Glow-in-the-Dark items are.

This one supports their spiritual growth in a clear, but non-preachy way. It is a "prayer" without really being a prayer or mentioning God.

It is appropriate for children of any background and makes a great gift at children's classes. Soft silicone is safe for children over 3 to wear in bed, and the blue printing means you can read it in the dark. How cool is that!

Child size is 10% smaller than adult bracelet. The design repeats around the band. This third production of the design is printed rather than debossed and filled, so we are able to lower the price to make it easier for you to give them away at events. That is why they are less expensive than our adult bracelets.

Awareness bracelets are available in three colors and designs. They are World Citizen, Illumine My Heart and an Interfaith Design.