Hooray for the Planet - Gift Edition


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Do you know someone who could use a reason to smile? Just look at that cover! Look long enough, and you can't help but start to smile yourself. Read the text and enjoy the rest of the illustrations inside and you just might start feeling good all over.

I don't care if you are an adult, child, Bahá'í or non-Bahá'í, this book is a bright and shining spot in an ailing world. Share it.

Available in both Bahá'í and general editions.Bahá'í edition ends with a last line that says "I'm so happy to be a Bahá'í because it leaves room in my heart for everyone" and a closing prayer.

General or Gift edition ends with "hooray for no reason at all" followed by a prayer of thanksgiving. This should be a welcome gift for libraries, elementary schools, and many of your non-Bahá'í friends and relatives.