Holiday Items

Joyous Naw-Ruz Ribbon


$7.95   $5.95
In Stock
ON SALE! Make your Naw-Ruz presents extra special this year by decorating them with this festive organza fabric ribbon that says "Joyous Naw-Ruz" and has... More
  • Purple & Silver (+$5.95)
  • Red & Gold (+$5.95)
  • 1 of each color (+$9.95)

Ayyam-i-Ha and Naw-Ruz Flag SET


$17.90   $15.95
In Stock
Get both of our holiday door flags together and save $2.00. The Ayyam-i-Ha Flag: Colorful Stars and "Happy Ayyam-i-Ha" will brighten any space, and... More

Star/Holiday Cake/Craft Stencils


$11.95   $8.95
In Stock
Whether you are decorating a cake, making holiday cards, or puting a border around your room, this pair of plastic stencils will be a little bit of magic.... More

Star Cookie Cutter Set with Stamps


$24.95   $17.95
In Stock
2½ x 3½ x 4½ across.

Cooks and Crafters rejoice! You can now make perfect 9-pointed stars out of clay, paper and dough every time using this set of three cookie cutters.

  • Cutters & Stamps together (+$17.95)
  • 3 Cutters alone (+$14.95)
  • 3 Stamps alone (+$6.95)

Joyous Naw-Ruz Flag


In Stock
This is a lovely flag. The central star is uses classic Pennsylvania Dutch design elements of hearts, tulips and doves. The tulip theme and the purple and... More

Star Naw-Ruz Card


In Stock
This is a beautiful card. The central star is uses classic Pennsylvania Dutch design elements of hearts, tulips and doves. The tulip theme and the purple... More
  • 1 for (+$2.50)
  • 5 for (+$10.00)

Felt Drink Coasters / Craft Stars / Ornaments


In Stock
4-1/4 inch round

These beautiful thick felt drink coasters will protect your furniture while adding color to your decor. Meanwhile, they double as star blanks for craft activities. Paint them, add sparkles and sequins, and hang them up as decorations.  What fun!

One side is laser-embossed with a lovely heart and flower design, while the other side is plain for decorating.

  • 8 Green (+$5.95)
  • 8 Teal (+$5.95)
  • 8 Red (+$5.95)
  • 8 Magenta (+$5.95)
  • 8 Purple (+$5.95)
  • 40 Assorted (+$24.00)

Rejoice it's Ridvan! Satin Banner


$39.95   $29.95
In Stock
Here's a Ridvan banner that is so bright and cheery it makes you want to stand up and rejoice! 28" by almost 8 feet across (94"), this banner will turn... More

Original Joyous Naw-Ruz Flag


$8.95   $6.75
In Stock
This is the first edition (which looks exactly as it is pictured here).  I only have a few left, so I've put them on sale. This is a lovely flag.... More

Sparkle 9-pointed Star Craft Stickers


In Stock
1" diameter

Kids will love these 1" sparkly 9-pointed star stickers!  They catch the light and send rainbows of color dancing across whatever surface you put them on.

9-Pointed Star Craft Clips


In Stock

Now in TWO SIZES! What Fun! These colorful wire stars are great conversation pieces. They can be used as paper clips, but can do so much more. Wear them as ear rings,  glue them to crafts projects, clip them to your cell phone, use them to emboss clay, or as bookmarks – the possibilities are endless. 

  • 24 small 8-color (+$5.00)
  • 120 small 8-color (+$22.50)

Happy Ayyam-i-Ha Gift Tag Sticker


In Stock

Jazz up your gift giving with sparkling "To" and "From" gift tag stickers. 

Designed to match our Ayyam-i-Ha ribbon, these 1.5x3" stickers are stamped with glittering color to make it easy to figure out who each gift is for and who it is from. The holographic sparkle creates a rainbow of color that matches any color of paper you choose.  

  • 24 for (+$4.95)
  • 96 (+$14.95)