Hidden Words Post Card Booklet
  • Hidden Words Post Card Booklet

Hidden Words Postcard Booklet


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  • 25 booklets=150 cards (+$25.00)
  • 5 booklets=30 cards (+$7.50)

Looking for a beautiful way to teach children (or yourself) the Hidden Words? This strip of six postcards presents the first six Hidden Words in a beautiful format that is both child-friendly and appropriate for adults. You get FIVE strips of SIX cards for only $7.50 (that's 30 cards).  Printed on glossy card stock, they are scored and folded to make a kind of fan-folded booklet.  Leave it as a strip and read it like a book or use it for crafts, or cut it into six separate cards that can be given away or mailed. You will find dozens of uses for them.  

The theme of this set is nature, with impressionist images of butterflies, trees and stars.  It coordinates with our kid's prayer postcard strip and our healing and assistance strip, giving you 18 cards in all.  Buy them separately or as a set.  They are so affordable that you will want to give them away by the hundred.

Image 1 is of a butterfly to represent a pure heart.

Image 2 is the "Eye of God Nebula" to represent Justice.

Image 3 is another nebula that suggests the veils of eternity.

Image 4 is an image of trees that appear to glow with the "spirit of life."

Image 5 is a rainbow, the symbol of the Covenant, which can be summarized as "Love Me that I may love thee."

Image 6 is more butterflies in a paradise of love.

Photos by Justice St Rain and NASA.  Design and layout by Justice St Rain.