Health Eternal

Health Eternal

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If you are at all interested in alternative medicine and nutrition, or if you are thinking about "cleaning up your life," then you will want this book. The Baha'i author has pulled information and insights from the work of hundreds of pioneers doing research in the field of alternative health, and has related many of their theories to the Baha'i Writings. I am not a doctor, so I can't say how much of this is true or will work, but I have had many customers express gratitude for the information they found here.

"Dr. Pritchard has done an excellent job of presenting the praiseworthy accomplishments of some of the true medical pioneers of our age, physicians who, more than a century ago, began to establish the practice of medicine on a scientific basis worthy of this age, and which, because of their contributions, is better prepared to evolve into the medicine of the future, a mature science of health."- Bill Saunders, MD