Healing Coins printed on Polished Wood
  • Healing Coins printed on Polished Wood

Wooden Healing Coins


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If you like our Healing Prayer teaching cards, you are going to love these easy-to-carry, durable wooden medallions that have the short healing prayer printed on them. Carry a few with you, and give one to anyone who is feeling under the weather, then watch your kindness ripple outward for years to come. Around the edge of each medallion is says, "When youre well again, give this prayer to a friend." So when your friend meets a sick friend, the prayer will be passed on from soul to soul to soul. There is no telling where it will stop.

The texture of the real polished wood is pleasant to rub against as you turn the medallion over and over from one part of the prayer to the next, repeating the prayer like a mantra. 1-1/2" diameter and 1/8" thick.

Our most recent printing uses a more highly-polished wood, which means that the print is darker and sharper than ever. You will love them.

If you need something even more durable for someone with a serious illness, consider our metal healing medallions. They are very dignified and will last a lifetime.

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