Healing Post Card Booklet
  • Healing Post Card Booklet

A Healing and Assistance Prayers Postcard Booklet


Price: $25.00

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  • 25 booklets=150 cards (+$25.00)
  • 5 booklets=30 cards (+$7.50)

People kept asking for a healing prayer postcard, so I went one step better. This strip of six images can be turned into six postcards, three greeting cards, or one beautiful booklet of prayers for healing and assistance.  You get FIVE strips of SIX cards for only $7.50 (that's 30 cards).  From the "Remover of Difficulties" to the short healing prayer, these cards will heal, support and encourage anyone facing personal challenges.

The images are full of intense color, and the text is lovingly set in a flowing script.  It was designed for adults, but can still be used with our other kid-friendly postcard booklets. 

Photos, design and layout by Justice St Rain