Harmony of Science and Religion

Harmony of Science and Religion

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The world needs this pamphlet. Many of the Bahai principles, like peace, racial harmony and equality of women have become accepted by thoughtful people around the world. The Harmony of Science and Religion, however, remains a controversial idea. The clash between scientists and religious leaders is the stuff of headlines on a regular basis. That means that this is a principle where the Bahá'ís can still lead. We have something valuable to say, and the arguing factions need to hear it.

That is why this pamphlet needs to be on every literature table you set up. It should be distributed freely on campuses, and mailed to both religious leaders and educators across the country. The text is taken directly from three talks by Abdul-Baha, so you know it is inspiring.

The graphics will knock your socks off. It is laid out in eight 5.5x8.5 panels, which makes it twice the length of a standard pamphlet. The background art is taken from Hubble telescope photographs of the "Eye of God" nebula. Smaller accent photos of angels, lightning, birds and a Buddha add interest and support the text on each panel. All of this is printed on extra-heavy mirror-gloss paper so that the colors jump off of the page and grab your eye from the moment you see them. You are going to agree that this is the prettiest pamphlet you have ever read. Its design will attract the attention and command the respect of everyone who receives it.

Second edition begins: "Today, religious leaders and scientists battle for control of our schools and public policy, but over one hundred years ago - before the Einstein revolution - the Founder of the Baha'i Faith had already proclaimed the Harmony of Science & Religion."