Ayyam-i-Ha ribbon
  • Ayyam-i-Ha ribbon
  • White Ribbon
  • Bahji Blue
  • Bow by Anne Jennison
  • Thanks to Anne Jennison for this photo

Happy Ayyam-i-Ha Ribbon


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  • White & Gold (+$7.95)
  • Bahji Blue (+$7.95)
  • 1 of each (+$12.85)

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Make your Ayyam-i-Ha presents extra special this year by decorating them with this festive organza fabric ribbon that says "Happy Ayyam-i-Ha" and has 9-pointed stars along the border and between the greetings.

White organza is printed in shiny gold letters, and Bahji Blue organza is printed in sparkling silver.  They come in packages of twelve yards of five-eighth-inch wide ribbon, which is enough to wrap four cubic-foot packages or two packages with two home-made bows, or nine packages the size of a ream of paper.  

The bows pictured were made by me on my first try using the technique demonstrated in this video.  I used three yards of ribbon, but a smaller or less fluffy bow could be made with two.

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