Greatest Instrument

Greatest Instrument for Promoting Harmony

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The Greatest Instrument for Promoting Harmony and Civilization

A Universal Auxiliary Language is one of the more obscure Baha'i principles, and I believe its importance has been greatly underestimated. While the world has adopted peace and equality as generally accepted principles, the harmony of science and religion and a universal language are novel enough to be great conversation starters.

This book, which is mostly quotations with a few pages of introduction, will give you everything you need to know to engage in a lively and informative discussion on the topic.  It would also be a great foundation for a deepening or class.

Here is what the publisher has to say: The Bahá’í principle of an International Auxiliary Language represents a novel paradigm for the establishment of peaceful and reciprocal relations among the world’s peoples. This books provides quotations from the Bahá’í writings and related texts regarding the adoption of a common language, chosen by the 'governments of the world through their parliaments', as 'the greatest instrument for promoting harmony and civilization'.