Front Design (on Sapphire)
  • Front Design (on Sapphire)
  • Front Design (on maroon)
  • Back Design (on sapphire)

God's Love (Front with Circle on Back) T-shirt

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This is a lovely and educational interfaith design that looks great on dark-colored shirts.

The front design says God's Love Has Many Names, is about 4x4" and prints over the heart, while the back is almost 11" round.

The back design is great for teaching people the symbols that are associated with each religion. It is a variation of our popular Interfaith Rosette, but has an ancient feel to it, and includes the name of each religion right beside its symbol. The art is a great combination of masculine ruggedness, softened by soothing pastel colors. It is very bold on black, earthy on maroon, and dramatic on our new sapphire blue. 

The back design is also available on buttons and magnets.

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