Gifts for Adults +$9

Here are gift ideas for birthdays, holidays and special events.

These are gifts that cost over $9 when purchased individually.  Some, like T-shirts drop in price when you buy in quantity.  

Here are links to the different categories of gifts, or scroll down for a sampling of our most popular gift in each category.

Silk Scarves - Our most popular new gift category, they are one-size-fits-all.

Books - While any book makes a great gift, here are some "gift" books. 

Jewelry - from $10.00 plated pendants to $33.00 gold-plated sterling silver.

T-shirts - $15.00 when purchased individually, but as low as $9.75 ea. for 48.

Tote Bags - We offer a style for every need.

Games - A gift for the whole family.

Flags - A house warming gift or a room decoration for a student

Prayer Beads - A wide range of semi-precious stones to choose from.

Music and DVDs - We still have a small but lovely selection of Baha'i music and inspiring DVDs for personal giving.f

Large Mother of Pearl Interfaith Pendant


In Stock
Mother of Pearl has a natural iridescence that makes the interfaith symbol literally glow with color. If you look closely at the photograph, you can see the... More
  • Pendant Only 
  • +20" plated snake (+$4.00)
  • + 20" ss box chain (+$12.00)
  • + 24" ss box chain (+$14.00)

Hummingbird Silk Chiffon Scarf


In Stock
Ever since Seals and Crofts sang their famous song, Baha’is have associated hummingbirds with Baha’u’llah’s revelation.  This... More

Affirmation Coloring Book for Adults


In Stock
8 1/2 x 11, 128 pages
Our first adult coloring book was so wildly popular that we've created a second one that is even better. By now everyone has heard about the benefits... More
  • Deluxe 

Ancient Wisdom, Common Ground

CODE: BK-8030

In Stock
140 pg
An Interfaith View of the Spiritual Journey We Call Life This lovely interfaith compilation, organized by topic, would make a welcome gift for any... More

Prayer Mat Cover by Joe Paczkowski


$44.95   $34.95
In Stock
Introducing a modern version of a prayer rug: This is a beautiful piece of knit fabric created from artwork by Joe Paczkowski, the artist behind many of our... More

Liquid Gold 9-Pointed Star Square Silk Satin Scarf


In Stock
Gold on black is always in style, and this new 9-pointed star design by Baha’i artist Joe Paczkowski really does look like liquid gold on a black... More

Small Mother of Pearl Interfaith Pendant in Black


In Stock
1" diameter

Each of these 1" diameter mother-of-pearl interfaith pendants is a unique work of art that will spark conversations about the value of respecting all religions.

  • Pendant Only 
  • +20" plated snake (+$4.00)
  • + 20" ss box chain (+$12.00)
  • + 24" ss box chain (+$14.00)

Square Indigo 9-Pointed Star Silk Satin Scarf


In Stock

This is our only square scarf, and our only silk scarf in satin by Baha'i pioneer and artist extraordinaire Joe Paczkowski from Finland.  It makes a wonderful head scarf, neckerchief, bandana and belt, but it is also so beautiful and radiant in irridescent satin that many people will want to simply hang it on their wall or drape it over the back of their couch.  It is THAT gorgeous.

9-pointed Star Pendant in Sterling Silver (Small)


In Stock
9-pointed Star Pendant in Sterling Silver Simple, stylish and sterling silver, the wide, flat lines of this star weave in and out to make a 3-D pattern.... More
  • Pendant Only 
  • + 20" ss box chain (+$12.00)
  • + 24" ss box chain (+$14.00)
  • +18" sterling snake chain (+$16.00)

Fancy Jasper Bahai Prayer Beads


In Stock
This string of 95 Fancy Jasper Bahai Prayer Beads will delight you. Jasper was once known as the warriors stone, associated with the virtues of loyalty,... More

A Sky Blue and Silver Greatest Name Pendant


In Stock

Silver Plated Sky Blue Greatest Name Pendant

The combination of translucent sky blue and white silver plate really does remind me of sitting in the Baha'i House of Worship and staring up at the dome on a sunny day.

  • Pendant Only 
  • +20" Sterling Box chain (+$12.00)
  • +24" Sterling Box chain (+$14.00)
  • +20" SP Snake Chain (+$6.00)

Multi-Stone Prayer Beads



For those of you who like diversity, this beautiful strand of prayer beads contains five each of 19different semi-precious stones, all lovingly hand-strung in a repeating pattern.