Give-Aways < $1.50

Give-away gifts costing less than $1.50 that you can give away to attract people to a display, or for an entire classroom or special event.  Most of these cost less than 30¢ each.

Scroll down to see examples of different kinds of products that you can buy in bulk at very low prices, or click on the following links to go directly to that category's main page.

Balloons, Bookmarks, Star Clips, and Character Growth Charts are all great gifts for kids, along with Stickers and Temporary Tattoos.

For a little more, there are buttons, mirrors and magnets.

Mini-Cards - Some of these are for proclamation, but many have prayers and quotations that make them appropriate small gifts for just pennies each.  

Post Cards and Post Card Booklets turn prayers and quotations into lovely gifts.

For an even nicer gift of a prayer, try the Wooden Healing Coins.

We even have two pens priced below $1.00: the Flower Pen and the Interfaith Pen

Character Growth Chart


In Stock
Here's a low-cost gift that will be treasured for years. Kids love to check to see how tall they have grown. Parents need more opportunities to talk... More
  • 1 for (+$2.00)
  • 10 for (+$7.50)
  • 50 for (+$30.00)

Education Bookmark


In Stock
The picture above shows the front and back views These full-color bookmarks have one quotation about education on the front, and another on the... More
  • 5 for (+$2.00)
  • 50 for (+$14.00)
  • 250 for (+$59.00)

Wooden Healing Coins


In Stock
If you like our Healing Prayer teaching cards, you are going to love these easy-to-carry, durable wooden medallions that have the short healing prayer... More
  • 5 for (+$4.50)
  • 50 for (+$35.00)
  • 200 for (+$120.00)

Every Child is a Brilliant Star Stickers

CODE: ST-207

In Stock
2 1/2" diameter
Its bright colors and universal theme have made this our second-most-popular sticker.  It is appropriate for any child-friendly event or activity, and... More
  • 100 (+$6.00)
  • 1000 (+$55.00)

9-Pointed Star Craft Clips


In Stock

What Fun! These colorful wire stars are great conversation pieces. They can be used as paper clips, but can do so much more. Wear them as ear rings,  glue them to crafts projects, clip them to your cell phone, use them to emboss clay, or as bookmarks – the possibilities are endless. 

  • 24 small 8-color (+$5.00)
  • 120 small 8-color (+$22.50)

A Children's Prayers Postcard Booklet


In Stock
4x6 6pg.

Looking for affordable and reverent gifts for kids?  This strip of six postcards doubles as a children's prayer book, with a short quotation from a prayer on each panel. You get FIVE strips of SIX cards for only $6.00 

  • 5x6=30 cards (+$7.50)
  • 25x6=150 pc (+$30.00)

ABC STARS - A Virtues Coloring Book


In Stock
8 x 10.75, 24 pages

ABC Stars - A Virtues Coloring Book is appropriate both as a give-away at events and as an activities book for children's classes or individual coloring. It works on multiple levels, teaching the alphabet, letter forms, virtues, Baha'i principles and Baha'i quotations all at the same time. Plus it is fun to color!

  • 5 for (+$6.00)
  • 40 for (+$30.00)

Rose-Scented Interfaith Air Freshener


In Stock

The front of these interfaith air fresheners says “A Rose is beautiful in whatsoever garden it may bloom.”  The back has the interfaith rosette. Together they make a powerful statement about the oneness of religion.

  • 1 for (+$2.00)
  • 5 for (+$6.00)
  • 20 for (+$20.00)