Gifts for Children + $9

We have recently produced so many new products for children that we are highlighting them here. Here are special gifts for your children, grandchildren, and close friends, priced between $9 and $49. 

Look below for pictures our most popular gifts for children, or click on the specific category links here to see everything we have in that category.

Games & Activities - From coloring books to card games and crafts, there is something fun and educational for every child.

Books - Parents always appreciate receiving books for their children. Click here for children's books and click here for Jr Youth books. 

Virtues Materials - If you are trying to help your child develop a good character, these gifts are both fun and educational.

T-shirts - Shirts with a positive message help kids feel good about themselves and the world. Not everything on our T-shirt page comes in kid's sizes, but the best designs for kids do.

Music - We still carry Red Grammer and Joe Crone's children's music.

ABC Character Building Blocks


In Stock
This set of Character Building Blocks does just that – builds character by exposing children to the names of 64 different virtues – or... More

Deluxe 145-Piece ABC Character Building Blocks


In Stock
We took our regular set of 24 Character Building Blocks that teach kids the names of virtues, and added a coordinated set of 121 more blocks. With 145... More

ABC Virtues Flags


$48.95   $43.95
In Stock

A is for Active, B is for Brave! This is 26 separate 7.75x8.5" satin fabric letters that can be strung together to create an 18.5 foot string. Each flag includes the upper and lower-case forms of a letter of the alphabet, along with the name of a child-friendly virtue. After all, why should C be a Cat instead of Creative? 

Life Dice Conversation Cubes


In Stock

Life Dice is a game that is both fun to play and sparks meaningful interations between people of all ages. 

It consists of a set of two polished wooden dice. One has six conversation-starting questions, and the other tells the player how to answer in a quirky way, which adds to the fun.

The dice were carefully designed to facilitate meaningful interactions in three ways: 

  • 1 for (+$14.95)
  • 5 for (+$59.95)

ABC Virtues Refrigerator Magnets


In Stock

This colorful set of 60 3.5x4cm flexible magnets will turn your refrigerator into a virtues learning center for kids of all ages.  Kids three-to-six can learn their upper and lower case alphabet letters.  Kids and adults of all ages can learn about the virtues that reside within them.  

  • Magnets alone 
  • w/POSTER (+$2.00)

Virtues Placemat


In Stock
Everyone uses placemats, and educational placemats give you something meaningful to talk about during meals. That makes these ABCs of Virtue placemats... More
  • 1 for (+$11.95)
  • 4 for (+$35.95)

Meditation Coloring Book for Adults [Deluxe]


In Stock
8 1/2 x 11, 128 pages
A Spiritual Stress-Reducing Coloring Book for All Ages Coloring is not just child’s play. Detailed coloring work activates both sides of the... More

Baha'i Family Virtue Cards w/ Satin Pouch


In Stock
4x5.25, 52 cards / Family
A Baha'i Edition of the popular Virtues Cards. Abdu'l-Baha says that the purpose of life is to develop our virtues.  So how many virtues can you... More

World Citizen Interfaith T-Shirt

CODE: TS-221

In Stock
This has been my most popular designs for 25 years, and it now comes in children's sizes all the way down to extra-small. Designed to go with our new Dog... More

Maggie Celebrates Ayyam-i-Ha

CODE: BK-1871

In Stock
This is a favorite gift for kids at Ayyam-i-Ha. It tells the story of the service and crafts projects Maggie did to make her four days of Ayyam-i-Ha... More

Love Peace and Unity Hand T-shirt


In Stock
There’s no deep, profound message hidden in this delightful design, it’s just a happy hand that, when worn, will rest over your child’s... More

Daily Reflections and Stories for Children Vol 4

CODE: BK-6190

In Stock
9 1/5 x 6, 48 pages / Soft Cover
The Daily Reflections series is far and away the best-selling series of Baha'i books for children available, and for good reason. They have everything you... More