Community Gifts $1-$9

Here are gift suggestions for Community events and group activities where you need something nice but not too expensive - Ayyam-i-Ha party favors, Children's Class Graduations, Awards, Thank-you gifts and more.  Many of these items have bulk pricing to save you even more.

Scroll down and see examples of different kinds of moderately-priced items, or click on the following links to go directly to that category's main page.

Awareness Bracelets Something they will wear every day.

Charms & Lapel Pins or Metal Book Marks Upscale gifts at low prices

Flashlights Solar or regular, with keychains & clips

ButtonsMagnets & Mirrors 

Pens A wide selection of styles and prices

Prayer Books - While some of our prayer books are more than $10.00, many are much less.

Lanyards for professionals and students.

Healing Coins for friends who are not feeling well

Quintessence  Deck of Playing Cards

Coffee Mugs 

T-shirts - when purchased in quantity, they are less than $10 each, though the discounts don't show up in your shopping cart.  Call or visit our T-shirt page for details.

Tote Bags - we have a style to fit every need, bulk prices as low as $5.



Deluxe Peace Be With You Interfaith Lanyard


In Stock
16" long, 32" around

Lanyards are now the standard at almost every school, hospital and corporation in the country. If you have to wear one, why not make it beautiful and inspiring?

  • 1 (+$5.00)
  • 10 (+$30.00)

Interfaith Stylus Pen


$2.25   $1.50
In Stock
Every time we redesign our interfaith pen it gets better. This year we are entering the digital age with a combination pen and soft rubber stylus for use on... More
  • 1 Royal Blue (+$1.50)
  • 1 Deep Red (+$1.50)

Deluxe Peace Be With You Interfaith Lanyard Set


In Stock
16" long, 32" around

This set comes with a long lanyard to wear around your neck for IDs, etc, and a short lanyard with a carabiner and split ring to clip your keys, phone or other devices to your belt, purse or backpack.  Bulk priced, they make great gifts for groups and help create a sense of group identity.

  • 1 (+$7.00)
  • 10 (+$45.00)

Interfaith Key Chain Lanyard


In Stock
16" long, 32" around
Looking for a low-cost gift that people will use every day and that spreads a message of interfaith fellowship? These lanyard key chains are durable,... More
  • 1 (+$2.80)
  • 10 (+$19.50)
  • 50 for (+$85.00)

Education Flashlight Stylus Pen


$3.95   $2.95
In Stock

A three-in-onederful gift for students and educators. 

  • 1 Executive Gray (+$2.95)
  • 1 Royal Blue (+$2.95)
  • 1 Cardinal Red (+$2.95)
  • 6 assorted (+$17.85)

Traveler's Prayer Coins


In Stock

The morning Prayer for Travelers in an easy-to carry, hang or wear coin.

  • 1 (+$3.95)
  • 10 (+$29.95)
  • 40 (+$99.95)

Trust in God/Remover of Difficulties Prayer Coins


In Stock

Two prayers for assistance - Trust in God, and Remover of Difficulties - in a durable coin that is easy-to carry or wear as a pendant.

  • 1 (+$2.95)
  • 10 (+$24.95)
  • 40 (+$74.95)

Star Charm Lapel Pin


In Stock

These small lapel pins are upscale yet affordable unisex gifts for Baha'is of any age. They are dignified conversation pieces that match our star charms and are appropriate for both formal and informal settings. They come in two colors to complement any jacket, blazer or purse. 

  • 1 Blue & Gold (+$5.95)
  • 1 Red & Gold (+$5.95)
  • 10 Assorted (+$49.95)

Baha'i Script Lapel Pin


In Stock

When you are proud to wear the name Baha'i in a formal setting, this will make a great conversation piece. 

Prayer Coin Collection


$18.70   $15.00
In Stock

Get two or ten of each of our popular prayer coins at a special price. 

  • 6 (+$15.00)
  • 30 (+$70.00)

Small Ringstone Star Lapel Pin


In Stock
These small star lapel pins are 16mm round (5/8") with a finely detailed ringstone symbol in the center. I think they are among the prettiest pieces I've... More
  • Crimson 
  • Black 
  • Turquoise 
  • Set of All 3 (+$13.50)



$11.95   $9.95
In Stock

This deck of cards is perfect for children’s classes, games nights, and family gatherings. It can be used to play any game that uses a standard 52-card deck, as well as seven NEW games described in the included fold-out game booklet - all while teaching virtues and spiritual principles.