Getting Old?

Getting Old? Well, Maybe, Just a Little

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My dear friend Harlan Scheffler is now on the "other side," but before he moved on, he left us with his thoughts about the process of growing old and preparing to die. A gentle soul and profound thinker, you will want to read what he has to say. With luck, you will face your last days with the same grace and faith that he describes in these two essays.

In his first essay, he takes a humorous look at the interval between becoming aged and dying, a time, he says, that can be most rewarding. It is time when we can review our own lives and can learn what others have experienced through their span of years – and it can be most enjoyable and enlightening to family and friends.

His second essay examines the evidence for life’s immortality; it is treated as the natural adjunct, the extension and expansion of the initial phase of our lives, not the end. Surprisingly, he discovers that employing the light shed by today’s technologies, we are assured that death truly is impossible.