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Gems of Virtues Board Game


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You've never played a game like this, but I promise you – once you have you'll never want to stop!

It is spiritual, it is educational, it is even sensual, but most of all…it is FUN! Designed by a 2nd-generation Baha'i, the goal is to physically (and spiritually) connect different virtues across a multi-colored, diamond-studded, star-shaped playing field using richly colored and smooth-to-the-touch plastic "gems" that come in velveteen bags.

Combining complex strategies with flat-out luck, it is a game that 2-6 players from eight to eighty can have fun playing and talking about together. Each turn offers a new opportunity to contemplate the inner meaning of the virtues you are connecting and the effort involved…or not. It is all in how you choose to play the game. Play it as a form of meditation; play it as a strategic challenge; play it because it is more fun than shoot-em-up video games. It requires no memorization, artistic or acting skill, knowledge of trivia, math, or religion. Though each game does have a “winner,” the strong focus on virtues - reinforced by the use of Baha'i and other quotations - means that everyone leaves feeling better - about themselves and the world - than when they began. What other game does that for you?

Instead of taking your family out for dinner or movie as a treat, surprise them with a game night right at home. It could be the beginning of a great tradition.

Though it includes Baha'i content, concepts and symbols, it is actually designed for the general market. Feel free to play it with your non-Baha'i friends and family, give it as a gift, donate it to schools, host a "Gems of Virtues Games Night" at your home or center, and just generally make it a positive focal point for group activities. Feel free to tell gamers and game-store owners about this wonderful new product. It is the most entertaining way to introduce people to Baha'i quotations that you'll ever try.

Game includes: 20" x 20" Quad fold game board

Two decks of playing cards

270+ game tokens

7 pouches for tokens

Full color rules

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