Forget Me Not Nicobar

Forget Me Not Nicobar

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Three very unlikely adventurers boarded the Ile de France at New York harbor on the 16th of December, 1956. Anyone looking at the well-groomed older woman and her elegant daughter turned out in the height of fashion, accompanied by their exotic lap-dog, complete with jeweled collar, would never have guessed this strange party's ultimate destination: the isolated and primitive Nicobar Islands in India's Bay of Bengal.

That Margaret Bates, Jeanne Frankel and their Lhasa Apso, Muneca, ever actually managed to reach their Ten Year Crusade pioneer post on Car Nicobar is a testimony to the power of their love and devotion to the Bahai Faith and particularly to their total dedication and trust in Shoghi Effendi's grand vision.

This story of two very unlikely Knights of Bahaullah and their indefatigable canine companion will bring you tears and laughter in equal measure.