Finding Common Ground Pamphlet

Finding Common Ground Pamphlet


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This unique pamphlet teaches the Faith through a questionaire format that invites readers to actually think about how much they agree with the Baha'i principles being presented.

By Justice St Rain, author of "Nine Reasons Why You Will Want to Join the Bahá'ís," this booklet goes well beyond the 10 basic principles to present the major social, spiritual, moral, metaphysical and religious teachings of the Faith in a series of 75 simple, concise points.

Though warm in tone and friendly in approach, this pamphlet is directed at seekers who approach the Faith with their intellects. They ask "what do you believe" rather than "how do you worship." They agree with the principles of unity and are looking for something to capture their imaginations or challenge their notions of religion.

This booklet does more than just list the Bahá'í teachings in an orderly fashion. It invites them to rate the degree to which they agree with each one, and encourages them to look for common ground between their beliefs and ours.  Using a letter-grade scale, readers decide whether they (A) Absolutely agree, (B) Believe somewhat, (C) Could Agree if given more information, (D) Don't agree or (F) Fiercely disagree.  This humorous approach really gets the reader engaged in a dialogue with the points rather than simply reading them passively.

At the end, they are asked to consider what their degree of agreement might mean in terms of continued investigation. Even those who disagree with everything are given a positive direction to go from there. The rest are told how to find out more.

Give these out at firesides, on campuses, at gatherings of like-minded people. Ask for feedback and use them as outlines for firesides or study classes. If a seeker finishes this pamphlet with a high level of agreement, then s/he will be highly motivated to learn about the Central Figures, study the Writings and become Bahá'í.