Felt Drink Coasters / Craft Stars / Ornaments


Price: $5.95

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  • 8 Green (+$5.95)
  • 8 Teal (+$5.95)
  • 8 Red (+$5.95)
  • 8 Magenta (+$5.95)
  • 8 Purple (+$5.95)
  • 40 Assorted (+$24.00)

These beautiful thick felt drink coasters will protect your furniture while adding color to your decor. Meanwhile, they double as star blanks for craft activities. Paint them, add sparkles and sequins, and hang them up as decorations.  What fun!

One side is laser-embossed with a lovely heart and flower design, while the other side is plain for decorating.

Felt can be cut to make the stars more star-like, and can be sewn onto vests, jackets, blankets and other cloth items. They can be permanently glued to solid surfaces, or temporarily stuck to walls in children's rooms. 

Five cheerful colors - green, magenta, purple, red and teal - come in packs of 8, or buy a set of each (40 total) at a 20% discount. 

They coordinate beautifully with our cookie cutters (which also double as ornaments).

The felt is hand-washable to remove coffee stains and at 4-1/4" round x 1/8" thick they are big enough to handle your largest drinkware.