Family Virtues Guide

Family Virtues Guide


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Simple Ways to Bring Out The Best in Our Children and Ourselves

One virtue per week x 52, this book provides a simple framework for your family, your Bahá'í school, or even your Assembly to study a wide range of virtues.

The section for each virtue has seven parts: a quotation (many, but not all are from the Bahá'í Writings), a definition, a WHY practice, a HOW to practice, a What would it look like, Signs of Success & failure, and an affirmation.

To explore the themes of this book further, consider getting the matching Family Virtues Cards, the Classroom Virtues Cards, or the new Baha'i Family Virtues Cards. 

I also highly recommend the book Thoughts: Education for Peace and One World.  Though the cover is boring, the content inside is amazing.