Falling into Grace

Falling into Grace


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Falling Into Grace takes an honest look at the many things in the Bahá'í Community that can test your faith from the fellow Bahá'ís that make you want to scream to the difficult laws that make you want to give up trying the kinds of tests that you are afraid to share with your friends and even those you are afraid to admit to yourself. It shines a bright light on these tests, and in illuminating them, it reduces their power. This book says "you are not alone," and, even better, "you are not a bad Bahá'í for struggling with these issues." Struggling with these tests is what ennobles us, and sharing our struggles is what helps us create a real feeling of community. As the title suggests, we must be willing to fall before we can be lifted up through grace.

Falling Into Grace has helped over 5,000 Bahá'ís feel "normal" again and reconnect with their communities with more joy and less shame than ever before. It makes a great gift for new Bahá'ís, long-time Bahá'ís, estranged Bahá'ís, and even serious seekers.

Here are some (mostly) unsolicited comments about the book:

I am deeply gratified by the response I have received to my book about becoming and staying a Bahá'í. Even before the book was released, I received a request to reprint the introduction in an interfaith women's newsletter. Since then I have been told it has been used for deepenings, given to entire Assemblies, and "transformed the soul" of even long-time Bahá'ís. One woman said that "the good news is that I loved it. The bad news is that it has caused me to change my life!"

Though many comments have come by phone from people ordering their second batch, a few people have been kind enough to write down their thoughts and send them to me. Perhaps the most moving response I got was a call from a member of a Bahá'í family I have admired for years. He said that the book resolved an issue that his wife had been struggling with for years, and called the book "transformative."

Written by Justice St Rain, author of My Baha'i Faith and Why Me?