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Education NOT Incarceration T-Shirt


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This versatile design can be worn to support two different but equally valuable causes.

Baha'is can use it to start conversations about the "Education Under Fire" campaign to increase awareness of the fact that Baha'i educators are being jailed just for teaching classes to Baha'i youth.

Everyone can use it to start conversations about the relationship between education and our prison system.

People need to know that America has put more people in prison per capita than any other country in the world - including those we consider totalitarian.  

America  also incarcerates a disproportionat number of young black males, creating a permanent race-based underclass.  This situation was brought to national attention by the Baha'i author Michelle Alexander in her book The New Jim Crow.  

It also costs almost three times as much per year to keep a person in prison than it does to educate them.  Many prisons are now for-profit institutions who lobby for stricter drug laws in order to increase the prison populatin.

While education will not keep everyone out of prison, it will help a lot.  People without education are without hope.  People without hope have nothing to lose by turning to drugs or crime to get by.  

These are complex issues. Educate yourself, then go educate others.

The line at the bottom says "Education for every race and religion is a RIGHT that benefits all of humanity."

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