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Education Flashlight Stylus Pen


Price: $3.95

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I'm almost out of this. Only the gray is left. 

I've waited a long time for this pen! This pen has it all - a stylus, a flashlight, a soft rubber grip, rich, metallic-look colors, crisp and durable laser-engraved slogan about spiritual education, smooth twist-action pen, and a price that you can afford.

Barrel says: Spiritual education is the light of the world of humanity - making it a perfect gift for teachers, students, graduates, Ruhi trainers, children's class teachers, and anyone who likes pens and flashlights (i.e. everyone). 

They each come with your choice of one of two gift boxes, or a velveteen sleeve, making them gift-ready at a moment's notice.

Details: Why do I like this pen so much? The best part is the bright LED light on the end that functions as its own on-off switch. Just tap the end with your finger (or chin, etc.) and the light pops on. No searching for a switch on the side.  Likewise, the smooth-writing ballpoint pen at the other end slides out with a twist of the barrel. While I normally don't like twist pens because they "untwist" themselves as you write, this one has a satisfying "click" that keeps the pen in place until you are done with it.  Together, they give the pen a streamlined, professional look and feel. The stylus is on the same end as the pen, for use with any touch screen you use - phone, tablet, Kindle or laptop.  

NOTE: When you choose the six-pack, it automatically becomes an assortment.  Pens come with a small removable clip to keep the light from turning on in transit.