Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest

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I know this is a kid's chapter book, but I enjoyed it immensely.  

A young dragon sets out to graduate from dragon school.  Along the way he has to overcome challenges and develop virtues.  The story is completely predictable (it is a kids book, after all) but it is so well told that I read every word in order to discover how the lessons would be learned and the story resolve itself.

If you liked The Dragons of Ridvania, then this makes a great companion piece.  Both are early chapter books for the 7-10 year-old age range.  Though written by a Baha'i and promoting character, it is a general-market book that can be given to schools, libraries and non-Baha'i family members.

144pg with large type and several B&W illustrations.

"An engaging story of a sensitive dragon who finds his strength and courage.

"Ryan, deftly layers her debut children’s book with gentle but effective lessons in empathy and friendship.  Throughout this light, lively fantasy, she offers colorful imagery, lightly spun with messages of compassion and respect for others."   - Kirkus Review