The Baha'i understanding of the afterlife is one of the first teachings that attracted me to the Faith. As my generation ages, I have found that sharing my confidence in a joyous afterlife with family and friends is one of the most gratifying services I can offer. That is why we are working hard to expand our selection of Baha'i and interfaith materials that help people deal with the inevitable next stage of existence. 

In Memory of... calling cards


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These were designed to go with our "Always" sympathy card booklet, but can be attached to any gift or bouquet given in memory of a person, anniversary or special occasion. 

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Always - Interfaith Assurances That Our Loved Ones Will Be with Us Always


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This lovely gift book/sympathy card will comfort members of any and every religion.  Eight breathtaking images by artist Joe Paczkowski provide a tranquil backdrop for thirty-one short quotations from eight different major religions plus a dozen writers, poets and philosphers - all assuring us of the existence and beauty of the life to come.

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  • 150 w/env & card (+$225.00)
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Neither Gone Nor Forgotten


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People often say that a loved one is "gone but not forgotten." As Bahais, we know that they are not gone, only temporarily out of touch. Our Writings... More

The Eternal Soul - Color Gift Book

CODE: BK-3302

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4.75x7 128pg / Softcover

Our most beautiful compilation about life after death.  It offers insights for the curious and comfort to the grieving in a format that will, itself, comfort the reader.  Each two-page spread offers a Baha'i quotation about the nature of the soul and its glorious destiny across from a captivating work of art in full color.  

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Sterling Bahai Burial Ring


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Our unique Baha'i Burial Ring is made of precious metal at an affordable price. Double thick Gold plating over pure Sterling Silver creates an... More

Oval Bahai Burial Ring


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We now have two Baha'i burial rings.  This one is more traditional in styling, with the required phrase inscribed on the front of a gold-plated... More

Bahai Burial Planning Guide - My Final Wishes

CODE: BK-888

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A guide to Baha'i burial practices, and a funeral planning guide all in one helpful workbook.  Inspired by the difficulty she had finding... More

Guide to Bahai Funeral and Burial Practices


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This book will answer the questions you were hesitant to ask, and the ones you didn't know you needed to ask. You don't know when you will need this... More

Interfaith Resources Book of Comfort and Healing Gift Edition


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5 x 8, 92 pages / gift

A gift edition of our popular interfaith book of healing, with over 200 short prayers and quotations from 10 religions.  A wonderful gift for anyone facing health issues.  Larger, with more pages, larger type and decorative borders, this new edition will be treasured by all who receive it.

Life after Death - Spirit of Faith Series

CODE: BK-1963

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5x7 160pg

We now have six books on the subject of life after death - three of which are compilations that make nice gifts, one of which is in full color, and this one, which is hardbound.  All of them are filled with the comforting quotations from the Baha'i Writings that describe the glorious station of the soul and the mystery of its continuation after death.  

Glimpse of Paradise


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This is a DVD about Reinee Pasarow, a Bahá'í woman who, due to poor health, has had three near-death experiences. She describes in detail her... More

Proof of Heaven

CODE: bk-1127

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Proof of Heaven - A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife Here is a scientifically-oriented interfaith exploration of the afterlife that is... More