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Create in Me a Pure Heart - Illumined Prayers

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Here is a collection of 20 Baha'i prayers, beautifully illumined with a wide range of painted images by artist Corinne Randall.  From the title prayer to the Midnight prayer, this is a unique collection of short prayers that is appropriate for both older children and adults.  

This prayer book fills a wide and interesting niche.  It is beautiful enough and colorful enough, with oversized pages that make it attractive to children.  It includes several of the longer traditional prayers for children, such as "I am...a tiny seed..." and "make me to grow as a tender herb."

On the other hand, the art is rich and subtle enough to appeal to adults, and it includes two prayers for the departed, the midnight prayer and selections from some of the more intense personal prayers.  This makes it a wonderful meditative prayer book for adults as well.

Children who are old enough to think about death, and who may face their own kind of personal challenges will be mature enough to appreciate a prayer book that is beautiful but does not treat them like infants. Pre-school aged children, however, will probably be better served by one of the many other illustrated prayer books that we carry.  

They are priced so you can buy one for everyone in your community.