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A Gift of Prayers & Selected Writings Mini-Book


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Only $1.25 each in quantities, this is the prayer book that was given to visitors at the Bahá'í House of Worship in Wilmette for several... More
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  • 5 w/ envelopes (+$9.50)

Gift of Prayers & Selected Writings-Deluxe Large Print


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6.75 x 9.75 64pg / Deluxe Large-Print
Our Large-Print Gift of Prayers has gone Deluxe! Our pocket-sized Gift of Prayers is our best selling product, and is available in four editions,... More

Lotus Prayer Book

CODE: BK-8000

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Soft Cover
A Prayer for Every Heart This charming interfaith prayer book is published by the Interfaith Lotus Temple.  With over 100 sources from over a dozen... More

Verses of God Devotional DVD


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This is a series of 19 video devotionals based on themes suggested by the names of the 19 Baha'i Months.  Each devotional consists of Baha'i Scripture read over soft music with beautiful photos and videos of nature and Baha'i Holy Places.  Each devotional lasts between ten and thirteen minutes, which makes them appropriate for use at Feasts, Holy Days and Devotional meetings.