Children's Classes

We carry four kinds of materials to help you with your Children's Classes: Curriculum guides, games and activities, small gifts to send home with the children, and special gifts for graduation ceremonies.  

For Curriculum guides, there are, of course, the Ruhi books in the Core Activities/Ruhi category, plus additional materials in the Parenting and Virtues categories.

For games and activities, look at Games & Activities in the Children's Books category, as well as in the Games category.

Martha Root was known for always giving a small gift to everyone she met.  I feel this is particularly important with children.  They appreciate even a token gift, and it gives them something to tell their parents about.  In addition to the items listed here, also consider any of our other stickers, balloons, pens, bookmarks and teaching cards.

At the end of a series of classes, many communities have a "graduation" for the kids and give them something a little more substantial to take home.  These might include any of the books in our children's book section, or a book light, or even a T-shirt.

I hope you find these suggestions helpful.  If you have other ideas (or stories) please share them.

Character Growth Chart


In Stock
Here's a low-cost gift that will be treasured for years. Kids love to check to see how tall they have grown. Parents need more opportunities to talk... More
  • 1 for (+$2.00)
  • 10 for (+$7.50)
  • 50 for (+$30.00)

Teacher Appreciation Cards


In Stock
These brightly colored 5x7 cards are a wonderful way to say thank-you to public school teachers, Bahá'í school teachers, and anyone else who... More
  • 1 (+$2.00)
  • 12 (+$15.00)

Harmony of Science & Religion Bookmark/Ruler


In Stock
This stunning bookmark doubles as a 6-inch/15cm ruler that students of any age will find both inspiring and very handy. One side has a picture of a... More

Unexpected Day & The Trust


$7.00   $3.50
In Stock
5½x8½, 80pages

Two timeless fables set in the ancient orient - by Ron Tomanio.  Inspiring for young and old alike. Priced to be given as children's class gifts.

Every Child is a Brilliant Star Stickers

CODE: ST-207

In Stock
2 1/2" diameter
Its bright colors and universal theme have made this our second-most-popular sticker.  It is appropriate for any child-friendly event or activity, and... More

Virtue Stars - 72 stickers

CODE: ST-252

In Stock
1.6" diameter
Educators tell us that it is more effective to give specific praise than general comments like "good job" or "you're great." But remembering specific... More

9-Pointed Star Craft Clips


In Stock

  • 24 (+$6.00)
  • 120 (+$25.00)

Science and Religion Glider

CODE: CR-245

In Stock
8" wingspan
What better way to illustrate the principle of harmony of science and religion than with an aerodynamic glider that says "It takes two wings for minds to... More

These Lovely Children Poster-Pamphlets


In Stock
Parents will love these for their children's rooms.  Give them away at children's classes, family festivals, "safe nights," fairs and educational... More

A Children's Prayers Postcard Booklet


In Stock
4x6 6pg.

Looking for affordable and reverent gifts for kids?  This strip of six postcards doubles as a children's prayer book, with a short quotation from a prayer on each panel. You get FIVE strips of SIX cards for only $6.00 

  • 5x6=30 cards (+$7.50)
  • 25x6=150 pc (+$30.00)

Postcard Booklet Set


In Stock
4x6 6pg.
Not sure which postcard booklet you need?  Try one of each for a special low price.  That's 18 unique 4x6" cards in three fold-out strips... More
  • 3x6=18 cards for (+$7.50)
  • 15x6=90 cards for (+$25.00)

Conservation Light Switch Stickers


In Stock
SPECIAL PRICING FOR EARTH DAY, April 22nd! Prices shown are 1/2 the regular price. It’s easy to be green and promote the Faith at the same time... More



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