Cookie Cutters - Set of 3, Nine Pointed Stars


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Cooks and Crafters rejoice! You can now make perfect 9-pointed stars out of clay, paper and dough every time using this set of three cookie cutters.

These are not flimsy tin or plastic. They are high-quality stainless steel to stand up to years of holiday baking, children's classes and clay cutting. Plus, they look nice on your kitchen counter.

Set of three cutters, in small (2.3"), medium (3.5") and large (4.5") allows you to make interlocking star chains in clay, trace star wreaths, cut star-shaped watermelon slices, make multi-layered muffins or even... cookies! Great family fun.

NEW! Design stamps to add texture to your cookies. For a few dollars more, get three rigid plastic stamps to add pretty star patterns to your cookies and crafts. They have handles on the back for easy use, and, as an added bonus, they have a hole in the back so you can hang them up as ornaments when they aren't in use! Pretty blue color looks nice in your window, hanging on a holiday branch, or as a table decoration. You can also use them like a rubber stamp.  If you already own our metal cookie cutters - either the new ones or the ones that came in a metal tin - then these will fit them. If you purchased cookie cutters between January 1st 2016 and March 10th, then we will give you $4.00 off when you purchase the stamps by themselves. (Put a note in the customer notes field at check-out.)

Note: In order to be able to lower the price, we no longer sell these in a metal tin. They come in a clear reusable box.  The stamps come separately in a resealable clear plastic bag. The new production has the added benefit of a folded back edge to make them easier to push against without hurting your hands. (see the detailed picture)

***Two Craft Ideas: The next-to-last picture is a decoration made from glow-in-the-dark Play Doh, available at Target.  The last picture is of a plastic "stained glass" star, made by placing large metal cookie cutter on a cookie sheet and filliling it one layer deep with plastic pony beads - clear colors are best - then bake at 400 degrees for 30 minutes.  Cool and you have a (plastic) stained-glass star.  If you put a metal nut towards the top before baking, you can put a string though it to hang in the window.