Folder & Pen Set
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Convention Special - Pen & Folder Set


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Every Unit Convention attendee needs a pen and a folder. Every attendee is a religious leader, and every attendee is a flower in the garden of humanity.  That is why this dignifed set will make every person at your convention feel valued and appreciated.  

The folders are the beautiful folders used to send the Universal House of Justice's letter to religous leaders a few years back.  They have two pockets and are printed on heavy ivory-colored cover stock.  "To The World's Religious Leaders" is elegantly stamped in gold foil on the front.

The pens say "We are flowers of one garden" and includes the US website and 22-Unite phone number.

The minimum order is 48 sets, but additional sets can be purchased in groups of 12 for $.75 each set ($9.00 per pack of 12). Up to 72 sets can fit in a Medium Flat-Rate box (and not much else). After that, it requires a LARGE Flat-Rate box.