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SPECIAL PRICING FOR EARTH DAY, April 22nd! Prices shown are 1/2 the regular price.

It’s easy to be green and promote the Faith at the same time with our “Say Good Night to the Light” light switch stickers.  Perfect for Earth Day, MLK Day, Ridvan or your Farmer’s Market, these colorful, washable stickers use whimsy instead of guilt to encourage people to turn off the lights when they leave a room.  Kid’s love them, and the friendly approach bypasses adults’ natural resistance to being bribed or guilted into being “green.”   

Of course if you do like to be bribed, then listen up: if these stickers remind you to turn off the lights, they can pay for themselves within days, and save as much as $50.00 per room per year. Based on 200 watts for 10 hours, five days a week @ 10¢ per kWh. They also do make you feel good to know that if a million people did the same, it would save 800 tons of coal per day.

As a teaching tool, they not only let people know that Baha’is care about the environment (see also MTC-56) but it also puts the Bahá’í name right at people’s fingertips every single day for years to come.  Priced to give away by the thousand – but keep a few for yourself.

Why these whimsical stickers work better than neon red “turn off the lights” versions: Research has shown that appeals to either guilt or greed can backfire in unexpected ways.  People don’t want to be told what to do, nor do they feel obligated to save someone else’s money.  While saving the planet may inspire some, references to global warming may anger others.  Our whimsical approach bypasses all of these political and economic issues and encourages positive action in a playful way.

At the same time, our natural attraction to human eyes will cause people to instinctively look at light switches that they would otherwise ignore.  The primary colors and simple text are reminiscent of a favorite children’s book, and sparks a personal connection.

Sized to fit a standard single light-switch plate, they are printed on removable bumper-sticker stock so they are colorful, easy to clean, and completely removable at any time.  They are pre-priced at $1.30 each, so people will appreciate receiving them, but for you they are  bulk priced at just pennies each.  Call for prices on 1000 and 5,000. In these quantities, they are also available as a custom order with your local community, company or organization’s name.  How many light switches are there in your home? School? Office?