Healing & Assistance

Interfaith Resources Book of Comfort and Healing Booklets


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5 x 7, 64 pages
Interfaith Resources Book of Comfort and Healing This is the GIVE-AWAY edition of this popular booklet. For the fancier GIFT EDITION click... More
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Ocean of Healing Mini-Book


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4x6, 64 pages, Edition: / Second
Thisis a compilation of Baha'i Writings that will comfort you and your friends when you are facing health challenges. Note that I said "when," not "if." All... More
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Healing Prayer Card


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How are you today? Often this common question will turn a conversation towards health. Our Healing teaching cards have the short healing prayer on... More
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Interfaith Prayer for Healing Bookmarks


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When people are sick, their thoughts turn to God, the Source of all healing. One side of our new bookmark offers comforting assurances from the... More
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Wooden Healing Coins


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If you like our Healing Prayer teaching cards, you are going to love these easy-to-carry, durable wooden medallions that have the short healing prayer... More
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Three Tools of Healing Poster-Pamphlet


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8.5 x 11
This art print/pamphlet is directed specifically towards nurses and other healing professionals, but is also a great gift for anyone in need of healing... More

A Healing and Assistance Prayers Postcard Booklet


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4x6 6pg.
People kept asking for a healing prayer postcard, so I went one step better. This strip of six images can be turned into six postcards, three greeting... More
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Interfaith Healing Prayer Awareness Bracelet


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"Thy love is my healing remedy O Lord my God!" Using phrases that are common to many religions, this brief prayer will be a source of comfort for anyone... More
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When You're Down and Troubled


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4 1/4 x 3 1/4"
Borrowing its title from a favorite song, this selection of 19 comfoting quotations ahs five prayers for assistance, including "Refresh and gladden my... More

In Search of Healing


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4 1/4 x 3 1/4"
The popularity of our healing prayer teaching cards and medallions lets me know that this is an issue of concern for almost everyone. Even young, healthy... More

Interfaith Resources Book of Comfort and Healing Gift Edition


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5 x 8, 92 pages / gift

A gift edition of our popular interfaith book of healing, with over 200 short prayers and quotations from 10 religions.  A wonderful gift for anyone facing health issues.  Larger, with more pages, larger type and decorative borders, this new edition will be treasured by all who receive it.

Deluxe Metal Healing Prayer Coins


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Our original metal healing prayer coins have been incredibly popular, with many thousands of them being passed from person to person since 2008.... More
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