Praying Children Golden Rule Post Cards

Classic Praying Children Golden Rule Postcards


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People absolutely love this version of the Golden Rule, and these postcards are the easiest, most durable, most affordable way to spread the message to thousands.  The old version was missing Hinduism, so we let them go out of stock. Now they are back with all six major religions represented. The message is a beautiful yet subtle celebration of the oneness of religions as demonstrated by the common teaching of the Golden Rule. "Love thy neighbor as thyself." Isn't that something we can all agree with?  This classic image of praying children reinforces the message as presented by six major religions, including Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and the Baha'i Faith.

Post Cards are an affordable way to send a personal invitation to a lot of people, or to simply stay in touch with an old friend. They also make affordable give-aways at events and displays. Better yet, carry a supply with you and hand them to any man woman or child who you see behaving in a kind and courteous manner. They will be pleasantly surprised that you noticed and treasure the postcard for years to come.

Print local information on the back, or hand them out blank and let the message speak for itself.

4.25x6" full-color post cards on high-gloss stock