Children's Post Card Booklet
  • Children's Post Card Booklet

A Children's Prayers Postcard Booklet


Price: $25.00

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  • 25 booklets=150 cards (+$25.00)
  • 5 booklets=30 cards (+$7.50)

Looking for affordable and reverent gifts for kids?  This strip of six postcards doubles as a children's prayer book, with a short quotation from a prayer on each panel. You get FIVE strips of SIX cards for only $7.50 (that's 30 cards).  Printed on glossy card stock, they are scored and folded to make a kind of fan-folded booklet that can be 1) glued together as children’s board books, 2) cut into six separate cards and given away or mailed, or 3) left as strips for crafts and decorations.  You will find dozens of uses for them.  

The images are kid-friendly, with pictures of children and animals.  The size is right for small hands, and the price is right for small budgets.  You will be able to give them to every child you know.  

For older kids, it can be combined with either of our two other postcard strips (under "postcard booklets" in our postcard category) to make a 12 or 18-page booklet.

Photos, design and layout by Justice St Rain.