Brilliant Star Bahai T-shirt
  • Brilliant Star Bahai T-shirt

Brilliant Star Bahai T-shirt

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We've added a new background and enlarged the type to make Cindy Pacileo's popular design even more dramatic on a white or natural T-shirt. It now matches our stickers, buttons and mouse pads. Dozens of diverse faces make this star shine. Kids will enjoy pointing out all of the interesting faces in the design - especially the babies. It's our most popular kid's shirt, because it makes a perfect gift for family and friends of any religious background.

We can customize this shirt for use in Bahá'í schools, or use our non-Bahá'í version in children's hospitals, day care centers and more. Click on our Themes button to the Right to see more "Brilliant Star" materials, including posters, cards and matted prints.

It matches our  tote bagsteaching cards, ButtonsStickers and Display poster.