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Blessings and Gems Prayer Book

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Blessings and Gems lives up to its name.  It is a gem of a book that contains prayers, quotations and blessings from a wide range of sources, from Mother Theresa to Hinduism to the Bahá’í Writings.  To set the tone, it starts with The Golden Rule from seven different religions.  It also includes prayers in a variety of languages, including Hebrew, French, Hawaiian and Lakota.

What you will notice first, though, are the captivating photos of children framed by lush borders and decorations.  Each photograph starts off in black and white, and is then hand-tinted by the artist, to create a magical quality.  

The use of diverse children in reverent poses makes this an attractive gift for both children and adults.  The second edition has added new prayers and pictures of older children to make it even more broadly appealing. It will fascinate younger children, give older children a host of beautiful prayers to read and learn,  and touch the hearts of any spiritual adult you might give it to.  This makes it a spiritual picture book for young children and an inspirational art book for adults.  

If you have a child, you will want a copy.  Babies love to look at children’s faces, and it is never too soon to start reading these prayers to them. Even if you don’t have children of your own, you will want to buy a stack of these so that you will be ready for every baby shower, Baptism or child’s birthday party that comes along.  These sturdy hard-bound books are also excellent gifts for libraries, schools, day-care centers, doctor’s offices, nursing homes and hospital chapels.  The second edition also includes a dust jacket for added appeal and durability.  

Many adults will also consider this book a real treasure.  It will lift the spirits of anyone who appreciates beauty, prayers, children, and inspiriational writings. It is especially appropriate for parents and grandparents. This is a Bahá’í–themed interfaith book that could easily be accepted in the homes of millions of families. 

Sharing it with others is a great way to teach.  Lets see how many we can get out there!

If you are giving this to a little boy, you can now order this popular book with an alternate dust jacket that has a picture of a boy playing guitar. Order BK-8008-B

These postcards are by the same artist.   And so is this second set.