Bicentenary Resources

Over the next two years, we will be developing materials to help you make your Bicentenary Celebration something to remember. Take a look at the products below and notice how nicely they all work together, with coordinated colors, fonts and designs. This will make your celebration look and feel professional.

Bicentenary Banner/Backdrop Set of Four Flags


$104.80   $79.85
In Stock
4x8' +

Buy three Bicentenary backdrop banners and receive the podium flag for free. They are designed to coordinate with all of our other Bicentennary materials.  

Bicentennial Commemorative Medallion


In Stock

A keepsake to treasure for decades.

  • 1 (+$3.50)
  • 10 in beaded bag (+$29.95)
  • 40 in velvet bag (+$99.00)

Deluxe Limited Edition Bicentennial Medallion


In Stock

A limited edition deluxe keepsake to treasure for decades.

  • Red (+$14.95)
  • Blue (+$14.95)
  • Matched Set of 2 (+$24.95)

Bicentennial Lapel Pin


In Stock
Spark a conversation about the Bicentennial with these sparkling lapel pins. People are used to seeing lapel pins celebrating 5, 10 or 25-year... More
  • Crimson & Black (C&B) (+$8.50)
  • Black & Green (B&G) (+$8.50)
  • Turquoise & White (T&W) (+$8.50)
  • Royal Blue & White (R&W) (+$8.50)
  • Set of All 4 (+$30.00)
  • 12 assorted (+$75.00)
  • 48 assorted (+$240.00)

Names of Baha'u'llah Banner


In Stock
24" x 32"

Redesigned to coordinate with our Bicentennary materials, this flag, proclaiming the Names and Station of Baha'u'llah, can be used to decorate your home, Baha'i Center or literature display year-round.  

Tell Me About Baha'u'llah Mini-Book


In Stock
4 x 6, 64 pages
This is the booklet you’ve been waiting for. For years, Baha'is have used the indirect approach to teaching because we were afraid that if we... More
  • 5 for  (+$8.50)
  • 40 for  (+$50.00)

Tell Me About Baha'u'llah Teaching Card


In Stock
This teaching card rapidly became one of our best sellers because it compresses an amazing amount of information in an extremely small space. It is... More
  • 5 (+$2.25)
  • 50 (+$15.00)
  • 250 (+$60.00)

Bicentenary Pamphlet

CODE: PT-200

In Stock
The Warwick Baha'i Bookshop in the UK has created this timely pamphlet that is perfect for giving out both before and during your bicentenary celebration.... More
  • 10 (+$4.00)
  • 50 (+$14.00)

Bicentenary Banner/Backdrop


In Stock
48" x 48"

A Bicentenary backdrop banner designed to coordinate with all of our other Bicentennary materials.  

Bicentenary Stickers

CODE: ST-200

In Stock
48 1.675" stickers
Use these stickers to seal envelopes or to "stamp" materials that you want to identify with this special celebration. Of course you will want them for... More

Bicentenary Gel Pen

CODE: PN-200

In Stock
This is an elegant pen that makes an excellent gift for dignitaries, special guests, committee members and others.  It is a fine-point gel pen... More
  • 1 for (+$3.25)
  • 6 for (+$18.00)
  • 12 for (+$30.00)

Light of Unity Podium Banner


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20" x 32"

This Light of Unity Podium Flag is designed to coordinate with our other Bicentennary materials, including a set of three backdrop flags.