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Bicentenary Logo PDF


Price: $6.00

This product is electronically distributed.

I'm getting calls from people wanting to coordinate their fliers and other promotional materials with the flags and literature that I am offering. Since there is a greater variety of needs than I could possibly fill by myself, I'm making some of my digital artwork available for community use. 

These designs may be used for non-commercial purposes only.  This purchase gets you access to two files.

The first is a 6.6MB PDF that is high enough resolution to print a twelve-inch square at 300dpi. Most graphic artists will be able to modify the file to fit a variety of card, postcard and flier formats.

The second is a 1.2MB 10x10" black & white jpg file at 300dpi. This can be used for newspaper ads or black & white fliers.

IMPORTANT: Before ordering, make sure you are signed in as a customer, or there won't be anyplace to put the PDF file. After completing your order, look for the "Downloads" link on the right side of the screen under your account information.  It may take a day for it to appear after we run your credit card.